For your feel good Wednesday

All told, the sequence clocks in at around six minutes. Fukunaga and the crew ran through the whole thing seven times while the cameras were rolling. The director built in possible edit points if two takes had to be combined to make the perfect version of the shot, but anyone who is wondering should know that the sequence everyone saw in the episode is, in fact, a true single take and one of the great achievements of filmmaking for television - True Detective: How Did They Pull Off That Final Shot?

Reminiscent of the tracking shot towards the end of Children of Men. One of the coolest, if not the coolest sequence I’ve seen on Television. Well its not TV…its HBO. 

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My #1 on Yeezus right now.

Listen and enjoy dope tunes. Also, pick up this entire album, its a good spring starter.

This poster is dope.

This poster is dope.

Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires Of The City

This has the smell of a great summer album.

Pod people would the only ones who don’t groove to this tune. Use it when trying to figure out who your real friends are.

Try walking at a chilled leaned back angle to this song. It helps to enjoy it.