Jackass was 3Delightful

Here’s what I think happened with me and Jackass as a whole. The show came out when I was just a punk kid, skating around, looking for a good time. It was top notch for teenagers with too much time on their hands and a couple of shopping carts laying around. 

As I grew up I went through a phase where I thought it was stupid, they weren’t funny anymore and had lost its charm. It took me up until a few years ago to actually sit down and watch Jackass 1 and 2, but when I did, the now mature me had fits of nostalgia which caused me to become a fan of these guys once more. They have an undeniable charm about what their doing. They know its awful, but they seem like such a tight knit group of guys, that it doesn’t really matter who hurts who. Plus the look on Johnny Knoxville’s face after almost every stunt is priceless. They still leave him speechless after all these years.

Spike Jonze was also hanging around and looked to use some of his Fully Flared influence on all the slow motion sequences. 

I recommend it for a night when you don’t feel like thinking and haven’t eaten anything all day, because they throw up…a lot.